concrete, walnut, brass, acrylic,
custom electronics, speaker

sineclock is a sound sculpture that encodes hours, minutes, and seconds in three slowly changing tones. I created the first version in 1996, and have made a number of different versions over the last several decades (!?!)

This is an edition of one hundred signed and numbered sineclocks. The sculptures are handmade from walnut and concrete, and each has its own distinct patterns and details in grain, knotholes, chips, cracks, and color.

Video & info on using your sineclock:
Info on edition numbering scheme:

Older versions of sineclock:

COVID NOTE (2021): Please email before purchasing -- fabrication and shipping is all bunged up.

Requested edition number (optional)

Price: $314.16 + shipping ($10 in the US)

To order: in the US, PayPal (above) or Venmo to "drepetto".
Please include shipping address and requested edition number (or ask me to choose one for you).
For international orders, questions, or other payment options, please write to me at or DM d.repetto on Instagram.
sineclocks are labor intensive, and I make them a few at a time, so the lead time for shipping can be up to two weeks (currently at least TWO MONTHS! Sorry!), although it's usually just a few days.